Exterior House Painting Cost 2023, How Much For a Painter? UK


Painting the exterior of your home can completely transform its curb appeal and give your property a fresh new look. But before starting an exterior painting project, it’s important to understand what impacts the costs so you can accurately budget and get the best possible price.

This comprehensive guide for UK homeowners in 2023 will cover everything you need to know including:

  • Average costs for exterior painting
  • Factors that affect pricing
  • Key preparation steps
  • Types of exterior paint
  • Estimates for small, medium and large homes
  • Tips to reduce your spend

We’ll provide a complete breakdown of typical exterior painting costs so you know exactly what to expect to pay for your specific home. Prices can vary greatly depending on:

  • Size and type of your property
  • Surface material like brick, render or pebbledash
  • Scaffolding requirements
  • Your location
  • Overall condition of the exterior
  • Additional repairs or fixes needed

This guide aims to make understanding exterior house painting costs straightforward, so you can budget accurately and compare quotes from painters confidently. Let’s get started!

Breaking Down Those Exterior Painting Costs


When it comes to exterior painting, most homeowners want to know one thing – how much is this going to cost me? 💰

It’s a fair question, because a full exterior paint job is a big project that requires a decent chunk of change to do properly.

The last thing you want is to be caught off guard by the price tag!

So in this section, we’ll break down the key factors that influence the cost of painting your home’s exterior. Knowing what goes into the price will help you budget and compare quotes accurately when it’s time to hire a pro.

It Really Does Depend On Your House


Every home is unique, so exterior painting costs will vary. But in general, here are some of the key factors:

  • 🏠 Size of your home – larger houses simply require more paint and time. A 3 bedroom terrace will cost less than a 5 bedroom detached.

  • 🧱Surface type – stucco, brick, wood siding? Different materials need different paints and prep.

  • 🌆 Accessibility – is your home easy or hard to reach? Difficult access can slow the process.

  • 🌆 Scaffolding – for taller homes, this extra gear adds significant cost.

  • 🎨 Overall condition – poor surfaces need repairs first, increasing project length.

  • 🏙 Location – painters in expensive areas like London charge higher rates.

As a ballpark range, exterior painting costs between £500 – £3000 for a typical 2-3 bedroom house.

But that’s a very wide range! Let’s dig deeper…

Biggest Cost Factors

The three key factors that swing exterior painting costs are:

  1. 💵 Painter’s Fees – their daily or hourly rate, more days = higher cost

  2. 🎨 Paint Materials – more paint gallons needed for larger houses

  3. 🔨 Prep Work – repairs, cleaning, etc to get surfaces paint-ready

Breaking Down Painter Fees

This is the biggest chunk of your total bill. Quotes are often by the day:

  • 🎨 Handyman painters – £100-£150 per day

  • 🎨 Professional painters – £200-£300 per day

  • 🎨 Teams from big firms – £300-£450+ per day

Multi-story or high-difficulty homes take longer, so budget 3-6 days to be safe.

Don’t Forget The Paint Itself!

For materials and supplies, budget:

  • 🎨Paint – £20-£50 per 5L gallon

  • 🎨Primer – £10-£20 per 3.5L gallon

  • 🧴Cleaning supplies – £5-£20

  • 🖌️Brushes, rollers, trays – £10-£30

  • 🌆 Scaffolding rental – £20-£50 per day

For a medium home estimate 10-20 gallons of paint costing £200-£1000 just for the materials!

Prep Work Matters Too!

Don’t overlook the steps needed to get your exterior paint-ready:

  • 🧹 Cleaning – remove mold, grime, chalky paint

  • 🔨 Repairs – fix cracks, replace rotted wood

  • 🧰 Sanding – scuff glossy areas for paint adhesion

  • 💧 Power washing – deep clean siding, masonry, stucco

This prep work can take 1-3 days and adds significant labor hours to the project.

Bottom Line

Add up painter fees, materials, and prep work – that’s your total exterior painting cost!

Now you have a better sense of what goes into pricing. Next we’ll look at estimates by home type so you can budget for your specific project. Let’s go!

Estimating Exterior Painting Costs by Home Type


Now that you know the key factors that influence exterior painting costs, let’s look at price estimates based on your home type and size.

This info will help you budget and set realistic expectations when requesting quotes.

We’ll cover cost ranges for:

  • 🏘 Small terraced houses
  • 🏡 Medium semi-detached homes
  • 🏠 Large detached properties

For each home type, we’ll provide low and high cost estimates so you can see the potential price range.

Actual costs will depend on your specific project, but this will give you a sensible ballpark figure to start with.

Let’s dive in!

Painting Costs: Small Terraced Houses


Typically 2-3 bedrooms, terraced houses have the lowest exterior painting costs.

With only the front and back walls needing painting, less surface area saves money.Materials and time is reduced compared to larger detached homes that require painting on all four sides.

For small terraced houses, exterior painting costs range from:

Low end estimate: £550

This assumes favorable conditions like:

  • 🏚 Older brick terraced home
  • 🎨 Only minor prep work needed
  • 🖌️ DIY painting by homeowner
  • ✅ Good accessibility, no scaffolding

High end estimate: £1500

For costlier scenarios like:

  • 🏘 New-build finished in pricier render or pebbledash
  • 🧱 Extensive masonry repairs required
  • 🎨 Professional painter hired
  • 🌆 Scaffolding rental needed for height

Typical cost: £850

For many homeowners with 2-3 bed terraced houses, the final bill falls around this middle estimate allowing for professional painter fees and some preparation work needed.

What About Semi-Detached Homes?

Moving up in size, semi-detached houses have more exterior walls to paint.

With 3-4 bedrooms, additional side walls make the painting job bigger than a terraced home.

Expect to pay:

Low end: £700

If minimal prep, DIY, good access

High end: £1900

With professional painter, repairs, height challenges

Typical cost: £1200

Allows for hired painter and some prep work

Extra walls make semi-detached homes around £300-£400 more than smaller terraced properties.

Larger Detached Home Prices

Finally, spacious 4-5 bedroom detached homes have the highest exterior painting costs.

With 4 exterior walls minimum, plus likely higher eaves and multiple stories, detached homes require the most materials, time and prep.

Prices tend to range:

Low end: £900

DIY painting, single story, no issues

High end: £2500

Pro painter, repairs needed, 2-3 story, tricky access

Typical cost: £1700

Hired painter, some prep work expected

As you can see, sizing up to a detached house adds an extra £500+ vs. a semi-detached, and £900+ over a terraced home.

Price Estimates By Exterior Surface Material


Beyond just home type, the exterior surface (brick, stucco, siding, etc) also impacts cost.

Here’s how price estimates change for different surface materials:


Most affordable option

Low end: £500

High end: £1500

Typical: £800

Render or Pebbledash

More prep work needed

Low end: £700

High end: £1900

Typical: £1200

Wood Siding

Prepping and painting individual boards

Low end: £800

High end: £2200

Typical: £1400

These cost ranges should give you an idea of pricing based on your home’s specifics.

To lock in the best deal, always get 3-4 quotes from local exterior painting pros before hiring.

Comparing bid apples-to-apples helps find the most affordable painter for your particular job.

Now that you know what to expect cost-wise, you’re ready to start collecting bids!

We’ll cover more money saving tips for your exterior painting project next. Let’s keep going…

Save Money on Your Exterior Painting Project


We’ve covered the key factors that impact exterior painting costs and pricing estimates.

Now, let’s talk about how you can save money on your project and get the best possible deal. 💸

Follow these tips to keep your total exterior painting costs under control:

Get Multiple Quotes

This is absolutely vital to find the best rate!

Always get 3-4 (or more) quotes from different local painters before choosing one.

Comparing bids apples-to-apples allows you to pick the most affordable option for your specific job.

HomeAdvisor says homeowners save an average of $2,837 by collecting multiple estimates!

Watch for Paint Sales

Time your project to hit seasonal paint sales at home improvement stores.

Stock up when brands like Behr, Benjamin Moore or Valspar have sales offering 30-50% off per gallon.

Even just buying paint on 10-15% off sale days adds up to big savings!

Buy more than you need (returns allowed) since extra is better than running short mid-job.

Consider DIY (Carefully)

If you’re very handy, doing it yourself can save on labour. But know the risks!

Working at heights safely on ladders or scaffolding is tricky. An injury can cost far more than hiring a pro.

But for single story homes with easy access, motivated DIYers can save substantially on painter fees.

Just budget more time as your pace will be slower than a seasoned pro crew.

Prep Work Saves Money

Proper prep saves money by avoiding problems down the road:

  • Wash mold and grime – kills it rather than trap under paint
  • Scrape peeling areas – prevents future chipping/flaking
  • Sand shiny areas – helps paint adhere smoothly
  • Caulk cracks – stops water getting behind paint
  • Primer coat – helps new paint stick as it should

Buy Supplies Strategically

Save money by buying brushes, rollers, trays etc. online rather than paying marked up prices at a paint store.

For big projects, buy a paint sprayer – it speeds up painting dramatically once you learn to use it properly.

Rent scaffolding or lifts – don’t buy for a single project. Delivery/pickup fees still save vs. purchasing.

Okay, you’re now armed with insider tips to get your exterior painted at the lowest possible cost.

Let’s move on to the actual painting process…we’re over halfway there!

Step-By-Step Exterior Painting Process


Now that you know what exterior painting involves cost-wise, let’s look at the actual process from start to finish.

Understanding the key steps will help you plan your schedule and be prepared as your project progresses.

We’ll cover the complete sequence professional painters follow to prep and paint the outside of your home.

Grab your notebook and let’s get into it!

Initial Walkthrough

The first step is an initial walkthrough of your property by the painting company foreman or project lead.

They will:

  • 👀 Visually inspect all exterior walls, trim, railings and surfaces
  • 🔍 Look for any damage, rot, cracking or other issues needing repair
  • 📏 Estimate the square footage to determine how much paint is needed
  • 📸 Take photos to document pre-existing conditions
  • 🗺️ Plan where scaffolding or ladders will go for access

This allows the crew to see what supplies are needed and understand the full scope before providing a final quote.

Prep The Surfaces

With approval to proceed, the surface preparation begins. This involves:

  • 🚿 Washing off any dirt, grime, mold or mildew
  • 🧹 Brushing loose paint flakes away
  • 🧴 Applying bleach solution to kill and remove mildew
  • ✂️ Scraping off any loose, cracked or peeling paint
  • 🔨 Making any necessary repairs to damaged areas
  • 💉 Filling any holes or cracks with exterior caulk

This vital prep ensures surfaces are clean and sound before painting.

Mask Off Areas

To avoid getting paint where you don’t want it:

  • 🔘 Window and door frames are wrapped with plastic sheeting and painters tape
  • 🚪 Door hinges and hardware are removed and covered
  • 🖼️ Any fixtures or outlets are masked off

This protects these areas and reduces additional clean up later.

Apply Primer

Priming helps the new paint adhere properly for an even, lasting finish.

The pros will:

  • 🧰 Sand any existing glossy paint to rough it up
  • 💦 Spray or roll on a primer coat tailored to your exterior surface
  • 🕑 Allow proper drying time based on conditions

Priming sets up the surface to accept the final paint smoothly and permanently.

Paint Goes On!

Now the colorful transformation begins! Experienced painters will:

  • 🎨 Apply two finish coats allowing proper drying time between coats
  • 🖌️ Use brushes on trim and edges, rollers on flat areas
  • ♻️ Follow manufacturer directions for recoating times
  • 💧 Add paint thinners if needed in hot or humid weather

Painting is usually done top to bottom starting with upper levels first.

Clean Up The Site

Part of the process is a proper site clean up when the painting is complete.

The crew will:

  • 🚯 Bag up all debris and waste for disposal
  • 🧹 Sweep up any spilled paint or drips
  • ✂️ Carefully remove all masking materials
  • 🧽 Clean brushes and tools thoroughly

Leaving the site tidy is an important finishing touch!

Inspect The Work

Finally, walk around your whole house and inspect the finished paint job.

  • 👁️ Check for any missed spots and ensure even coverage
  • 🔎 Look for drips or splatters that need cleaning up
  • ✅ Confirm all details are done properly

Then stand back and admire your home’s beautiful new look!

That covers the complete exterior painting process from start to finish. Understanding what’s involved helps you plan a smooth project.

Now let’s talk about choosing the right paint for the job…

Pick the Perfect Exterior Paint Finish

You’ve prepped the surface, hired your painter, and are ready to choose exterior paint.

With so many options for sheen and finish, it can be confusing to pick the right one.

Let’s break down the pros, cons, and best uses for different exterior paint types. This will help you make the perfect choice for your home’s needs.

We’ll cover:

  • 🏞️ Flat paint
  • ✨ Satin finish
  • ✨ Eggshell sheen
  • 💎 Semi-gloss paint
  • ✨ Gloss paint

Flat Paint

Best for: Siding, stucco, masonry walls


  • 💵 Budget-friendly option
  • ☁️ Hides imperfections well
  • 🧱 Breathable for masonry


  • 🌧️ Less durable for weather/wear
  • 🖌️ Requires more frequent repainting
  • 🎨 Shows flaws if incorrectly applied

Cost: £20-£30 per gallon

With a non-reflective, matte look, flat is ideal for exterior walls and siding. The muted finish camouflages flaws. But less durable than glossier paints.

Satin Finish

Best for: Wood, metal trim, doors, windows


  • ✨ Subtle sheen
  • 💪 More durable than flat
  • 🧼 Withstands light washing


  • 🖌️ Touch-ups show if sheen varies
  • ☀️ Fades faster than glossy paint

Cost: £25-£40 per gallon

With slight luster, satin is popular for exterior trim and doors. It stands up to weather better than flat paint. Touch up can be tricky though.

Eggshell Paint

Best for: Walls, siding, trim, doors


  • 🎨 Uniform satin finish
  • 💪 Durable for high-traffic areas
  • 🌡️ Resists yellowing from heat


  • 💵 Pricier than flat paint
  • 🧼 Needs primer for best results

Cost: £30-£45 per gallon

Eggshell provides a smooth, low-sheen look. Great versatility for walls, trim, railings, and more. Added durability comes at a slightly higher cost than flat.

Semi-Gloss Paint

Best for: Doors, shutters, window trim


  • 💎 Mirror-like shine
  • 💪 Extremely durable finish
  • 🧼 Excellent washability


  • ⚠️ Shows imperfections
  • 🖌️ Touch-ups obvious if sheen varies

Cost: £35-£50 per gallon

The high-gloss provides a slick, polished look. Maximum durability resists weather, wear and tear. But imperfections must be prepped thoroughly first.

Gloss Paint

Best for: Doors, outdoor furniture, railings


  • ✨ Ultra shiny, mirrored surface
  • 💪 Withstands heavy washing
  • 🏞️ Enhances natural grain


  • ⚠️ Shows flaws prominently
  • 💸 Most expensive option

Cost: £40-£60 per gallon

Gloss offers a sleek, polished appearance and premium durability. The ultra-reflective finish requires an extremely smooth surface beneath.

Pick For Your Needs

Consider finish and durability needs for each exterior surface. Gloss for high-traffic doors, flat for stucco walls, etc.

Talk to your painter about what paint types they recommend for your specific home and climate.

With the right exterior paint finish, your home will keep its beautiful, protective coating for years!

Boosting Your Home’s Curb Appeal


A fresh exterior paint job is a great start, but why stop there?

While your home’s facade is getting an upgrade, it’s the perfect time to add some extra curb appeal too!

Here are ideas to take your home’s exterior from drab to fab:

Resurface The Driveway

If cracking concrete or faded asphalt is bringing down your home’s first impression, consider redoing your driveway.

Popular options like concrete, pavers, or colored asphalt are durable and eye-catching.

Costs range from £2000-£5000 depending on size and material.

Upgrade Exterior Lighting

Enhance your home’s style after dark by installing new exterior light fixtures.

From elegant coach lights by the door to stylish path lighting guiding visitors, exterior illumination makes a big impact.

Budget £100-£300 for new fixtures and professional installation.

Power Wash The Exterior

Blast away dirt, grime, and stains for a like-new exterior.

Power washing not only preps for painting, but leaves siding, brick, stucco, and decking looking freshly cleaned.

DIY rental costs £50-£100. Hiring a pro starts around £150.

Freshen Up the Landscaping

Now’s the perfect time to improve the landscaping and really make your home pop.

Simple DIY projects like:

  • Fresh mulch in garden beds
  • New flowers and plants
  • Tree/bush trimming

Or, hire a professional landscaping crew to overhaul the entire yard.

Add Exterior Decor Features

Decor touches like shutters, new house numbers, planter boxes, or a fresh coat of paint on the front door can spruce up the exterior.

Little enhancements make your home more welcoming and give it an updated look.

With your shiny new exterior paint job and a few extra improvements, you’ll love coming home to your house!

Now let’s wrap things up…

Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Painting

We’ve covered a ton of key details about exterior painting projects. But you probably still have some questions.

Let’s tackle some of the most frequently asked questions homeowners have about exterior painting.

How do I find and hire a good painter?

  • 👥 Ask friends and neighbors for referrals
  • 🔎 Research painters on Checkatrade or Rated People
  • 📝 Get at least 3-4 quotes to compare
  • 🚩 Avoid unrealistic lowball bids
  • ✅ Verify licensing, insurance, and reviews
  • 🤝 Meet in person to discuss project details

Hiring a pro you trust ensures quality work at a fair price.

What preparation work is needed?

  • 🧹 Clean surfaces thoroughly
  • 🔨 Repair damaged wood, stucco, siding
  • 🪛 Scrape peeling/flaking paint
  • 💉 Caulk gaps and seams
  • ✂️ Sand glossy areas for adhesion
  • 🧰 Prime bare surfaces if unpainted

Proper prep prevents problems down the road.

How long does exterior painting take?

  • 🏠 Small home: 2-3 days
  • 🏡 Medium home: 3-5 days
  • 🏘 Larger home: 5+ days

Bigger homes with more siding, stucco, trim naturally take more time. Weather can also impact speed.

What’s the best exterior paint to use?

  • 🏚 Siding, stucco, masonry – Flat or satin
  • 🚪 doors, shutters, railings – Semi-gloss
  • ⛅ High sun areas – Heat reflective paint

Choose finish based on surface type and durability needed.

How much does scaffolding increase cost?

Scaffolding rental typically adds:

  • £500-£1000 for a small home
  • £1000-£2000 for a medium home
  • £2000+ for a large multi-story home

For multi-level homes, scaffolding is usually essential for safe access.

Can I get quotes online without calling painters?

Yes! With sites like MyJobQuote you can:

  • 📝 Submit one form detailing your project
  • 📥 Get quotes from multiple local pros
  • 🤝 Quickly compare prices apples-to-apples
  • 🏡 Book your painter completely online

Saves time versus calling painters individually.

How often should exterior paint be renewed?

  • 🎨 Flat paint: Every 5-7 years
  • ✨ Satin finish: 7-10 years
  • 💎 Semi-gloss: 10+ years

Glossier paint lasts longer. Monitor annually and touch up as needed.

Hopefully these answers help explain some common exterior painting questions. Let us know if you have any other questions.

Get Your Exterior Painting Project Started

There you have it – everything you need to know to plan and budget for exterior painting!

We covered:

  • Typical costs and pricing factors
  • Creating accurate quotes and estimates
  • Steps in the painting process
  • Choosing the right paint types and finishes
  • Preparation work needed
  • Saving money with smart decisions
  • Answers to common questions

The key is using this info to set realistic expectations and make informed choices.

Now you can:

  • ✏️ Create a project budget
  • 📝 Write up a project scope
  • 📞 Request accurate quotes
  • 🔍 Research painters’ reviews and records
  • 🎨 Pick ideal paint brands and finishes

Doing exterior painting right takes planning and preparation.

Hopefully this guide gives you the knowledge to tackle your project confidently and get results you’ll love!

Remember, repainting the outside of your home:

  • 🏡 Increases your curb appeal
  • 🛠 Protects your biggest investment – your house!
  • 🎉 Gives you a major sense of accomplishment

As you turn your attention outside this season, take on that exterior painting project you’ve been putting off.

Your home is worth it!

Now Go Make it Happen! 🎉

Thanks for reading our guide, please check out some of our services below:


Exterior House Painting Cost 2023, How Much For a Painter? UK